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Simply Real Estate Talk – December 2015 Edition

In this edition of “Simply Real Estate Talk” by Randall, we reflect back on 2015 & prepare for 2016, introduce my new family member, provide updates to, learn one way to cut years off your mortgage and an inspirational video from Tony Robbins. First and foremost, I would like to ask you to take a moment of silence to reflect on how grateful it is to be alive & to live today.  Remembering those that fight for freedom and those who lost lives from attacks around the world this year as … [Read more...]

Thinking About Buying or Selling on Your Own?

It seems that everyone has a real estate license these days.  I mean, how difficult can it really be... right?  Here in Florida, everyone knows someone that has a real estate license.  A friend, neighbor, co-worker or all of the above.  Amazing when I hear that people actually hire co-workers that sit in the cubical next to them to sell or help them purchase a home. Thinking about selling your home on your own?  Yes, it is possible.  But the odds are against you that you will get the full market value, much less … [Read more...]

End of 30 day home purchases?

Short answer is yes and no. Have you ever heard that cash is king? Well, cash may have officially earned the big KING word when it comes to real estate sales. More negotiating power as a cash buyer?  Maybe.  There will be no changes in how cash transactions are completed.  With financed purchases, there are some notable changes. New rules went into effect on October 03, 2015 that is intended to help protect the consumers by improving consumer understanding and to avoid closing table surprises. The changes … [Read more...]

Simply Real Estate Talk – July 2015 Edition

In this edition of "Simply Real Estate Talk" by Randall, find out where the best places to view fireworks on the 4th of July in Palm Beach County are, see my fabulous new waterfront listing at 35 Ixora Way, review new Florida laws and read about the current real estate market. Enjoy your holiday weekend.  Travel safe, be responsible and take a moment to reflect why Americans across the world are celebrating the 4th of July.  Raise a flag and show your patriotism to this great country on Independence Day. Best … [Read more...]

In with the new… Website Updates

As promised, there are several "New" updates to enhance your online experience. 1) Easier to set up a "FREE" account, simple to request more info, request appointments and to share properties that you like on social media. 2) More efficiently navigate property searches from mobile devices, tablets, desktops and laptop computers. is "Responsive" to all devices! 3) New and Improved "Property Search" and "Details" pages that make it easier to navigate the webpages and to locate property … [Read more...]

Summer could bring back whiteflies

Lush island landscaping no longer faces near-decimation from the tiny whitefly, thanks in part to wasps, but the coming summer heat presents the risk of another spike. Source: Summer could bring back whiteflies … [Read more...]

Manalapan, Florida Sunrise

  … [Read more...]

Manalapan Florida

Manalapan, Florida is the perfect seaside town to own an estate home or build your own dreams.  Welcome to your own piece of paradise.       … [Read more...]

Pictures of 2015 Lake Worth Street Painting Art Festival

There are plenty of outdoor activities from street festivals, music venues, equestrian events and boat shows to keep yourself busy during the mild winter months here in South Florida. Check out these pictures of the 2015 Lake Worth Street Painting Art Festival where all of the paintings were completed using chalk.  These pictures were taken February 22, 2015. Thank you for visiting … [Read more...]

February in South Florida

February in South Florida...  These pictures were taken just after sunrise on February 11, 2015 in Ocean Ridge, Florida located just north of Delray Beach in South Palm Beach County.  There is little argument that anywhere else in the United States has as picture perfect weather conditions this time of year. Today’s forecast is 74 degrees, sunny, with zero percent chance of rain. Tomorrow’s forecast is 79 and sunny as well. Beachgoers will need to take caution as a strong northeast swell fills in today. Waves … [Read more...]