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Simply Real Estate Talk – July 2015 Edition

In this edition of "Simply Real Estate Talk" by Randall, find out where the best places to view fireworks on the 4th of July in Palm Beach County are, see my fabulous new waterfront listing at 35 Ixora Way, review new Florida laws and read about the current real estate market. Enjoy your holiday weekend.  Travel safe, be responsible and take a moment to reflect why Americans across the world are celebrating the 4th of July.  Raise a flag and show your patriotism to this great country on Independence Day. Best … [Read more...]

In with the new… Website Updates

Best real estate website in South Florida

As promised, there are several "New" updates to enhance your online experience. 1) Easier to set up a "FREE" account, simple to request more info, request appointments and to share properties that you like on social media. 2) More efficiently navigate property searches from mobile devices, tablets, desktops and laptop computers. is "Responsive" to all devices! 3) New and Improved "Property Search" and "Details" pages that make it easier to navigate the webpages and to locate property … [Read more...]

Summer could bring back whiteflies

Lush island landscaping no longer faces near-decimation from the tiny whitefly, thanks in part to wasps, but the coming summer heat presents the risk of another spike. Source: Summer could bring back whiteflies … [Read more...]

Manalapan, Florida Sunrise

Video thumbnail for youtube video Manalapan, Florida Sunrise - - Find Real Estate, Homes and Condos for Sale, Annual and Seasonal Rentals, Realtor in Downtown Delray Beach and the Best Real Estate Agent in South Florida, Homes for Sale in Delray Beach, Oceanfront Estates, Palm Beach Realtor, Atlatic Avenue Realtor, Gulfstream Realtor, Highland Beach Realtor

  … [Read more...]

Manalapan Florida

Manalapan- Ocean Ridge - Gulfstream - Palm Beach - Delray Beach - Highland Beach Florida - Oceanfront and Waterfront Estate Homes and Vacant Land for Sale - Real Estate by  - 2

Manalapan, Florida is the perfect seaside town to own an estate home or build your own dreams.  Welcome to your own piece of paradise.       … [Read more...]

Pictures of 2015 Lake Worth Street Painting Art Festival

Blue Jellyfish at Lake Worth Street Painting by

There are plenty of outdoor activities from street festivals, music venues, equestrian events and boat shows to keep yourself busy during the mild winter months here in South Florida. Check out these pictures of the 2015 Lake Worth Street Painting Art Festival where all of the paintings were completed using chalk.  These pictures were taken February 22, 2015. Thank you for visiting … [Read more...]

February in South Florida

Ocean Ridge Sunrise by

February in South Florida...  These pictures were taken just after sunrise on February 11, 2015 in Ocean Ridge, Florida located just north of Delray Beach in South Palm Beach County.  There is little argument that anywhere else in the United States has as picture perfect weather conditions this time of year. Today’s forecast is 74 degrees, sunny, with zero percent chance of rain. Tomorrow’s forecast is 79 and sunny as well. Beachgoers will need to take caution as a strong northeast swell fills in today. Waves … [Read more...]

FHA cuts mortgage insurance rates by Randall Regnier

For those getting a mortgage with less than 20% down, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) cut mortgage insurance (MI) from 1.35% on loans with less than 5% down payment to 0.85% and cut MI from 1.30% to 0.80% on loans with more than 5% down payment.  This rate decrease is effective January 26, 2015. With FHA loans, it is important to know that effective 2013, borrowers are no longer allowed to drop MI upon 20% loan payoff.  With historic low interest rates now well below 4% and property values on the rise, … [Read more...]

Historic Low Interest Rates

There is little secret that interest rates are lower now than they were just a few years back.  Did you know that mortgage interest rates are lower now than they were in the later half of 2013 through all of 2014?  In fact, three quarter of a percentage points lower today than just a few months ago. Great news, Right?  Indeed.  The average USA mortgage rates on a 30 year mortgage has fallen to 3.66% as of Mid January 2015 and the average 15 year mortgage has fallen below 3% for the first time since May … [Read more...]

Property Taxes and Discounts For Early Payment

Provided by Simply Waterfront - Property taxes are calculated to be paid in the Rears (at end of the year). Taxes are released by November 1 and become delinquent April 1 the following year with a discount to those that pay early. If you purchased a property this year, you likely received a credit on the closing statement from the seller for unpaid property taxes from January 1 through the closing date, whereas you become responsible for payment of the full year of taxes. Depending on whether you paid cash or … [Read more...]